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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Mark Presley gets scholarship to "McBride Mystery School" asks for help! GET MARK TO LAS VEGAS!

Hi I’m Mark Presley and I am a magician.
Before I get into my "Donate Pitch" I would like you to get to know me better. 
if it helps, you can watch my video trailer of the characters I developed overtime. 
After you look at the video. please read my story of how I came to discover and love magic.

 I  recently got notified that I got a scholarship to one of the world's most prestige magic schools.  The "McBride Magic Mystery School" Although I got a scholarship. I still need to raise funds to get there as well as lodging, car rental, food...... I estimate that I will have to raise about $750.00 to get me to Las Vegas.

What put me in this situation of asking for help? well due to medical costs that my wife is going through and on top of that not working do to medical challenges that I don't want to get into right now. It can be quite challenging trying to support a family. Not to mention my son and mother - in law. Yes, I'm taking care of her as well. With that being said. I have to come up with creative ways to get things done sometimes. So this is just a quick glimpse at who I am, where I've been and where I'm going. This! This is my story! If you feel like you want to donate for my cause please click on the "Donate paypal button"

I got interested in magic at the age of six when my dad took me to a magic shop.
I came home with a simple magic trick and was hooked.
My brother also contributed to my interest in magic. He worked at Bozo circus, a popular children’s TV show where they had clowns and magicians perform comedy and magic. One day he brought home some “Marshall Brodien TV Magic Cards” I got into magic even more.   A few years later my dad passed away, but his memory of him taking me to my first magic shop lives on. 

I went into isolation feeling lonely and different. I would spend most of my time practicing and fantasizing of one day becoming a famous magician.  One day I checked out a book at the Library. It was a book on Houdini’s famous escapes. Little did I know that that book would one day play a very important role in my life.

In high school I signed up for a talent show.  In the middle of my show I realized that some classmates were throwing pennies at me. I reached to the floor and picked one up and magically enlarged the size. The audience gave a thunderous clap as I had a face and smile that said "oh ya! That's not going to stop me! now I'm going to try three times as hard" I guess I got the last laugh. The next day when I arrived at school there were classmates lined up in the hallway, clapping and cheering.  I knew then that magic was what I wanted to do.

Now let’s speed things up a bit. In 1995 I was working late at night cleaning a restaurant when 4 masked robbers broke in and handcuffed me to a bar while they went to work on the safe. Remember that “Houdini’s Greatest Escapes” that I said would one day come into play? Well it did, and I used one of Houdini’s escapes I learned from the book, and broke out from those handcuffs.

Through the years I’ve created many original, and unique presentations, faces and characters in magic. Attending the “Mystery School OfMagic” will help me hone in on my skills, presentation and characters and help me reach my full potential. Let’s take a look at what I created so far.

When I escaped from those cuffs that night.  I felt that I was actually also breaking free from the hardships and challenges that I was holding inside. I realized that life is short and that I needed to pursue my dreams.
In 2012 I had the privilege of seeing one of my favorite magicians, Jeff McBride, at the conclusion of his show he made paper butterflies magically come out of his hand. Jeff then said “You can be the world’s Greatest Magician if you want” those words stuck in my head and he not only inspired me to go for my dream, but in his lecture he encouraged magicians to invent magic products to help gain exposure in the magic world. In just a little more than 13 months I have over 6 products on the market that I manufactured, made video, logo and marketed myself. 

It is because of Jeff McBride’s help, support and inspiration that gave me the motivation to be the best I can be. By attending the “Jeff McBride Mystery School of Magic” I will be able to further my skills in magic and education.
Most people that try to raise money such as kickstarter have a product that they are trying to get off the ground. sell. I do not, my product is me. I’m the product. What you’re investing in is my gift and talent. How many of you have seen a play, musical or concert and you were moved or inspired by what you saw or heard and you suddenly felt inspired to go for your dreams? That is what I want to create.
With the proper help, guidance and training. I will be able to use my magic as a way to move and inspire people to go after their dreams.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

NerdGician goes on WGN TV channel 9

This Monday, January 19th 2015. I'll be on WGN TV morning news around 8:20 for a LIVE appearance. I'll be on his "And Now For Something Completely Hoover"segment. I always look forward to going on WGN. The last tome I was on was in 2012 when I performed a box trick called "In Half" The fans loved it and shortly after the segment I got a call from an eraser company. They loved my NerdGician concept and asked me if I could do a trade show and perform some magic with their erasers and pencils. I of course accepted and so a week latter I flew to Kansas for a school supply convention.

You just never know what kind of work will come out of a quick 2 minute morning news channel.
Well I have to go sharpen my pencil and get some rest for the big day on WGN. I'm looking forward to performing with Jeff Hover, the producer of WGN 9 morning news.

Monday, January 5, 2015

The Magic Of Mark Presley - Two Distinctive Styles

This is video footage of  a show I performed at called "Indy Magic Monthly" produced by Taylor Martin. Taylor saw my thimble manipulation act. He loved my thimble work and contacted me to be on his "IMM" show that is in Indianapolis. So Magician Mark Presley all the way from Chicago, Il packed up his gear and headed to Indianapolis.

I was lucky enough to stay in hos luxury guest house that was so inviting and warm. I arrived a day before the show and so Taylor and I hung out and chatted about magic. Taylor told me that quite a bit of magic stars have slept in the very same guest room as I.

Taylor was also recently featured on MUM. December 2014 issue. Way to go Taylor. The artwork was designed by Obtuse Design

I was really excited to be performing at the "IMM" For the past 10 years I've been working on some really unique thimble manipulation moves that even Jeff McBride was impressed by. Maybe that's because most of my inspiration domes from Master Jeff as well as Shoot Ogawa and Joe Mogar.
In fact I've become a student of Jeff McBride and in a skype session he told me that he sees me making a instructional thimble manipulation dvd. I've been thinking of this for awhile, but that just reinforced my future plan.

I've entered my thimble manipulation routine in a few contests. I have placed a few times in contests and others not so good. In the past four months I've been performing at open mic's and between the open mic's and Jeff helping me out I feel like I've improved a great deal in just a short amount of time.

The NerdGician

I had received  nothing but positive vibes comments and reviews regarding my show at "IMM"
In the show I performed two very and different routines and characters. One was the NerdGician which is kind of my alter ego where I am able to just let loose, relax and have fun. The other character is Mark Presley playing the part of a master seamstress.

Overall I was very happy with my performance and even got asked back by Taylor Martin. If you're a magician and you would be interested in performing at "IMM" Please contact Taylor Martin

Here is a testimonial from Tom Winterrowd, a  magician who attended the show "IMM"

Indianapolis, Indiana, Dec. 2, 2014, "Mark Presley"

Two acts
       "Two distinctive styles, both unique well paced entertainment."

       "Mark has a stage presence that truly says, I'm in charge."

       "The MAGIC is in the manner in which Mark presents it for your entertainment."

          It's a pleasure to recommend a performer  with your talent. I hope to have the pleasure of seeing you again. And I'm sure I will, you are on your way young man.

 Tom Winterrowd

Monday, November 24, 2014

The CIRCLE of LIFE By Mark Presley

I have been practicing this effect for about two years now. I finally wrote a script for the piece and spent hours and hours filming this effect called "CIRCLE of LIFE" I think their were many things that have inspired me do write the script for the effect. Basically the story talks about how we all live in a world of deception truth, deception and illusion. How you decide to live your life is up to you.

We have choices in life and those choices identify what kind of person you are.
These days so many of us are so stressed out and short and quick to judge people. The world of deception tries to tear us apart from one another. Using our race, education, our job, trade, religion  even disabilities. We live in a social media world where we are so strong and quick to demand people to see our view in the social media with our posts on various topics that we hold true in our beliefs. But when someone comes along that goes against the grain of our beliefs or is expressing thoughts or beliefs that we disagree on. We are so quick to be angry, judge. even de-friend someone over a simple post that was simply supposed to be a post to generate intelligent discussion.

The video shows a kid being very disrespectful, disruptive and lack of manners.I posted the video on facebook with just a simple. "What's your thoughts?" little did I know that the post would cause a lot of controversy and also spun into religion and politics. Very sadly as a result I was contacted via facebook chat by the one feeling attacked and he told me he was going to  de-friended me becuase of a response someone else said.

WE were not really friends anyway, more like a acquaintance  A  real friend wouldn't do that. De-friending someone over someone elses "Comment Post" that you have no control or opinion over their actions is rather week in my opinion.  My guess is that the de-friend was on his agenda anyway and just wanted to make a way out without it looking like a abrupt de-friend. Anyway it's all good. I try my best not to take it too personal and move on. Some people struggle with other people's views, but they have no problem thrashing the theory of evolution on you.

It would be nice if we didn't have these challenges, turbulence's and trials in life and we could live life in piece and harmony. I was simply sharing my story. I'm sure it's happened to you. I know I have done it and afterwards felt quit ashamed to do that to someone in such quick judgment.

Life is full of deception and sometimes we have a hard time seeing who we truly are. When you stand in front of the mirror are you seeing the whole truth or just half the truth? After all the mirror only shows the front half of you. What is behind you? do you know?

We live our lives in a circle of life. The circle has no begging and no end. It goes on for infinity.
A string on the other hand has a beginning and it has an end. Much like our lives have a beginning and an end. The very fabric that makes the string strong is the very same fabric that makes the string weak and frail. Much like our lives. Strong, weak and frail.
And so we find ourselves trapped in the circle of life. Once in awhile we are able to escape and set ourselves free and we are able to experience success, triumph , happiness and love. 

So what does the mirror and the circle of life have to do with on another? Well that depends on if you took the blue pill or the red pill. If you take the blue pill you will remain blinded and trapped. If you take the red pill your eyes will open and you will set yourself free from the illusion and you will realize what's really important in life. Money? What's really important is how you live your life. Life your life the best you can. The most honestly. Be happy. Love one another. Because in the end nothing really matters. In the end we are all simply dust in the wind.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Backyard Voodoo Doll By: Mark Presley

The Lincoln Loft
3036 N Lincoln Ave
Floor 2

Find out why Mark Presley’s “Backyard Voodoo Doll is getting rave reactions from the audience and how he made an entire audience scream.
Watch Mark Presley’s “Backyard Voodoo Doll”

“I’ve always found the supernatural part  of magic very strong. I’ve worked very hard on this piece of magic. I wanted to bring not only a sense of supernatural to my magic, but also has some real scary shock value to it”  - Mark Presley -

Mark Presley’s “Backyard Voodoo Doll”
Available now for bookings.
Check out the video now!