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Wednesday, June 25, 2014


 Finding your GROVE!
I'm not really sure how my love for thimble manipulation is, but I feel very blessed that I found my GROOVE in thimble magic. would say I practice by thimble manipulation two hours a day. On the weekends more if time allows. I remember trying do learn doing manipulations with cards and coins, but it just didn't craps my interest. Not only that, but I wasn't really good at it either.

I suppose If I tried hard and put more energy into it I would get good, but what's the use of being good at something that you don't like. I think the discovery of thimbles started out when I was a kid. My mentor Ralf Beck, a nephew of the great Thurston introduced to me some basic thimble moves. Latter on as a adult I discovered Jeff McBride, Shoot Ogawa and Joe Mogar. I stated to study the art of thimbles and after I got good with them I stated moving into more sophisticated slights.

Some of the moves that I came up with I have never even seen before. I'm really looking forward to coming out with my very own thimble dvd.

Believe it or not there is a lot more you can do with thimbles then you think. My goal is to bring thimbles back and get the respect they deserve. By the way I heard from a that Jeff McBride is coming out with a new thimble dvd and I'm stoked.

If you have trouble finding you nitch or GROOVE in magic. Just CHILL OUT. Have FUN. That's the most important thing. Have fun, do something you enjoy. Better yet incorporate one of your other gifts with magic. Combine the two. You will find that the more you explore the better chances of you finding YOURSELF and your style.

 Well that's it for now. back to practice.

Sometimes the most difficult thing to try to figure out is prop placement and audience round of applause pauses. If you don't pause at the right time or if it's too quick you could possible ruin a awesome effect. So when is the right time? That comes with experience and practice.

When you're placing props in your act make sure that the props aren't blocking other props or blocking people from view. Sit in the audience and see if at the audiences view if they will be able to see and understand what you're doing.Is your props place in proper light or does it need to be set to darker lighting for a reason? 

How about applause? Sometimes we might think a certain part of the act is a good part where people will applause, but it could go the other way if your not careful. For example if your doing a card manipulation and your making 50 cards appear you wouldn't expect to get an applause every time you make a card appear or vanish.

Think of your act as a fireworks show. Have you ever been to a fireworks show and you thought the show was over and people started clapping only to discover that the show wasn't over?

Each pause has a purpose. Allow people to applaud so that you can finish with a bang. The grand finale should be clear that it's the end. Now go and make some fireworks.

 Well back to practiced. I have lots of work to do.


 I made this video in the early stages of my idea. This video was made in 2010 Looking back it's amazing how much I improved and advanced on my thimble manipulations.

I plan on taking my thimble work and ideas to a whole different level. I hope some time soon to put out my own thimble manipulation dvd where I will be teaching my new ideas and routines.

Many of my inspirations have come from Jeff McBride, Shoot Ogawa and Joe Mogar.
I had recently discovered through Jeff McBride's guidance a few magicians do  some awesome thimble work. Such names as Yo Kato and Viggo Jahn.

 I don't know if it's my imagination, but  it seems to me that the Asian community dominates the thimble magic. I hope to one day change that and represent the United States with my unique approach and method to thimble manipulation and dexterity. 

Right now I'm currently working on some new props that I have modified. I think the hardest part is working with something you already have and turning it into something different.

That's about it for now. Thanks for visiting.

 Update on blog title: It's a clue to what I have been working on.

For those of you that may have been following me here on my blog. I have been taking a social network vacation. I have been practicing hard on new mixed with old material. So far it has been very productive because I don't have the constant need or desire to stay connected. At the same time I realize how much of an impact the social network has on our life as well as marketing my magic products and bringing exposure to our art of magic by sharing videos, pictures and what not.

I'm sure this is nothing you didn't know already, but until you take several weeks off from being in constant touch you will start to realize what a waist of time it could really be in our lives. If you could take all the wasted time we use from the social network it could probably power a city.

Some of the things that I have been working on while on social network vacation is my thimble manipulation, designing props and make-up experimenting. I'm kind of new with the make-up application so it's been a real challenge.

Every morning when I wake up, the first thing I do is eat breakfast and then practice. The other day I had a terrible practice session. The thimble manipulations just were not working. I kept dropping them as well as the silks. I'm trying to train myself to keep going and not restart because in the real performing world I can't just stay  "Hold on! that didn't work! let me re-set it" Sometimes when you have way too many mishaps happen when practicing. You may have to take a step back and reevaluate what your doing. Sometimes we push ourselves too hard. It's great and awesome to practice, but one thing us performers overlook a lot is REST. That's right REST. We have to make sure that we are also giving our bodies the proper rest we need so that when we practice we will feel focused, full and energy and sharp as a nail.

After having my thimbles and handkerchiefs drop on the floor several times I decided to call it quits and take a rest.
I got a good nights sleep and the next morning when I practiced I had a very successful rehearsal.    
I was very pleased with my practice session. No mishaps or mistakes. Just a nice clean successful practice.

We also have to learn to not only give our minds some rest, but also focus on on social life. Not the social internet life, but our social life with real live people. Spending quality time with family and friends instead if sitting across from one another texting.

You also have to relax by doing other things that you love and enjoy. Our life shouldn't revolve around our magic, but should illuminate it with our other gifts that we have to share. Enjoy life! Live by inspiring others to inspire.

I have been practicing hard in my studio. You don't quite get the same feel and effect when your practicing in shorts and a t-shirt. It doesn't quite look right. I guess that the whole magic of putting a magic piece together. You get to be the creator. You get to see it built from the bottom to the top.

I love experimenting with new ideas and trying to discover untouched territory. It took many years to find my niche. I really wasn't very good at cards. Coins, ehh! not so good either. 

Then I discovered thimbles. It seems somewhat of a lost art. I don't even remember how I found them. Perhaps they found me. Whatever the case I'm happy I found the niche that I'm good with. Maybe one day I'll be the best thimble manipulator in the world. Nothing wrong with dreaming big.

I sure didn't take the time out to get all dolled up in the video. I'm just focusing on practice. My studio is in disarray. There is confetti everywhere on the floor. You have to practice hard, make a mess and have fun. Back to practicing .

As you can see the background is blurry. sometimes in order to focus we have to un - focus the background so that we will be focused on what's in front of us. It may just be a thimble, but is it?

It's time to prepare! It's time to focus. In order to be different and set yourself apart from the others you have to be an artist. You have to put the magic aside and write your story for your magic. You gave to be a carpenter, a sewer a craftsman, a handy man, a jack of all trades. maybe even sometimes a Nina. I will be adding more photos and slideshows to this blogger puzzle. 

 if you would like to keep up to date on new photos taken or new albums added to this post you might want to join my blog or bookmark this blog post. I will be updating my progress here. For the time being I will not be making new posts. Just updating. Now time to practice. have a great day. Remember! Live to INSPIRE and CREATE.
Last! why the "P" for the title? keep visiting for clues. 

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Magical Arts Awareness Campaign

Here I am at 3:45 in the morning. I had a very strong feeling and desire to write this idea down here and document it. This idea, this vision came to me about a year ago. I just thought "That would be cool" and then I shrugged it off.

Then yesterday the idea came to me again. Last! I was woken up at 3:45 am. At this point I thought that maybe I should pay attention to this idea. It must be of importance because it has such a strong pull at me.

I think the big problem I have is finding a trustworthy team and sponsors. Like many of experiences I have been through. I will approach people with an idea. It turns out that they like the idea so much that they claim ownership and make it their own and next thing you know I'm out of the picture and not even credited.

The only thing I can tell you without giving anything away is that this idea will be an idea to promote and bring awareness to the magical arts. It could also be implemented for all the arts in general.

The hard part of being creative is sometimes idea seem too big to achieve unless you have proper back-up and support. I'm not really sure if the performing arts are hurting or not. I don't know all the facts, but I can tell you through my observation that perhaps it could be.  We are so wired into the social media that we no longer have to go see a show. We can just look it up on youtube and watch the show at our convenience. As I walk down the street many people don't even make eye contact ot give you the time of day.

They are walking with their faces in the phones or ipads. Their face has become one with the screen. Sometimes you can see the reflection of the screen on their face. People are still driving while on the phone and texting. Even though it's now a law not to be on the phone unless it's wireless, people are still doing it. They just don't care.

 I recently read an outstanding article by Illusions by Vick. I will post the article later once I get his permission and approval to post it. Vick was discussing about how much the magic industry has changed. How so many products are downloads. No hard product or paper. It's just a "How to" video.
You watch the video and learn the magic or make the prop yourself. I had done something similar. I have a download effect called "Sew What" continued on in his article about how many magic internet sites are doing live lectures. It seems Vick was really against all this technology. He goes on to talk about how proud he is of his collection of magic books.  could really respect and appreciate his honor in magic.

I'm really beside myself in this area. Is it okay to have all this technology? Is it okay to have thousands of downloads of magic effects, video, books and magic lectures at our fingertips? We spend the money on them, but we don't have anything physical to show. Is Vick right? Will technology become so advanced that the code for those downloads, videos, ebooks will no longer work? You will no longer be able to read that ebook because it's out of date. Of course that is good news for the seller because you now have to up-grade or get the newest version right?
I guess that's why I've decided that with all my magic products I sell. I'm going to enclose instructions. Many magicians love being able to have actual instructions with the effect. I also include a dvd with it as well. I try to cover all grounds. The only thing I don't provide is foreign language.

I here from many magicians that I shouldn't bother with instructions. They thing is the youth today looks at directions as a foreign object and just throw them away.

I think we have to give these young magicians a break, a chance. If they are brought up in a world of technology and social networking and in constant touch with buttons. They may not of ever been taught about what it's like to have an actual book or instructions. They may not be aware that the youtube videos revealing magic effects are wrong. They just watch the video of the young magician who is giving a way a secret and ripping into them of how crappy or "I could I made this" comment.

My thought is "Ya! you could of created it, but you didn't! The effect was however good enough at the time for you to purchase and now that you know the secret you upset of the simplicity." Obviously at some point it had value, but again! once you discovered the secret you no longer respected or cherished it. 

So now you think your doing magic justice by being a jerky, cocky kid and posting the secrets. I haven't had this done to me, but I have seen some great effects ruined by these young kids. 
So all I can say is that if your a youngster reading this blog. You have to realize the importance of our art. If you want to keep our art alive you have to respect the number one rule in magic "Don't tell the secrets" 
We work very hard to master our art and to explain how certain effects are done in great detail ruins the art. It also makes you look bad. 

So back to my idea I had in the begging of this blog which was "Magical Arts Awareness Campaign?" I feel stuck right now with how to do this, who to approach and who to trust.

This may be another one of those frustrated ideas that I just keep buried in my mind and don't do anything with because of the idea being stolen and not properly credited. Maybe I'll start a kickstater  and apply for all the permits, hire all the magicians and film it on my own. All I can say is it could be a world viral video to bring awareness to the magical arts.

Sometimes when we have thoughts and visions that keep vising us. We have to listen to what they are saying. it could be something that could make a very strong impact on the world.