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Monday, December 8, 2014

The Importance of Good Business Ethic

Have you ever had this happen to you. You're trying to business with a company and you're not getting return phone calls or emails? Well have no fear you're not alone. This can be very frustrating when this happens and it can even cause doubt and questioning to yourself of what you did or what you're not doing. I know how it feels because it has happened to me.

When I first came up with my "Butterfly in a BOX" effect. I had approached a magic company who was very interested in it. We couldn't however come up with a agreement. I gave them a deadline to follow up on. I went to the extent of giving them a time and date to get back to me on. When that date came I head no response and so I called them. Yes that's me MR. Persistence. After talking on the phone a bit. We still couldn't come up with an agreement and so I went with one of the biggest companies in the world. Murphy's Magic.

Thank goodness things went the way they did because my "Butterfly in a BOX" really took off. Thanks Murphy's. A few months latter I came up with another magic invention and I approached the first company again. They were interested in my new product. I remember sitting in the office waiting to demonstrate the effect when the owner asked me how my "Butterfly in a BOX" was doing. I said "Great" he said "Well I guess we missed the boat on that one" so here I am again approaching them. I thought I would give them another whirl, but I ran into the same problem. Lack of communication, phone calls and emails. So I decided to move on.

I guess in my defense it was a good thing that it didn't work out because I found out shortly after that the effect still it needed some work. So as of today It's on the Back burner. Now let me speed things up a bit! I know have about 5 effects being sold at Murphy's. My sixth effect for some reason I thought I would approach this company again. Why? I don't know. I guess I'm a slow learner. I guess that beside the communication challenges. I've seen a lot of good in this company. The magic company has been around for years, just took over new ownership and has professionally made magic tricks and packaging made. I think that was what interested my was possibly getting my product professionally packaged with my name on it. Now I don't want to say the name of this company. I'm not here to slam them. Just give you some insight to the world of the magic inventing business. Actually when it comes right down to it. it's just like any other business.

As I mentioned earlier the frustrations of trying to do business and you don't get the time of day and you start questioning your competency. Maybe you're the one doing something right. Sometimes we are so quick to be hard on ourselves, but maybe you're the one that has it all together. This was recently an abrupt awakening for me. The sign couldn't be more in my face. Maybe  these things are happening for a reason. I like to think of myself as a real GO GETTER! I like to set a goal, tackle it, kick some ass and move on to the next effect. I stated to realize that this is my calling. This is my passion. Other companies will not be able to feel and experience your passion. Companies are busy and they have to prioritize what's important to them. If you think about it. the company that your experiencing lack of communication with could of experienced the same things before they were a company. They might of gotten just as frustrated and decided to go on their own so that they may be able to run a business the way they envisioned it.

My point that I'm trying to make is that sometimes you just have to go for it and do things on your own. That company actually helped me out. They help me realize my potential. They helped me realize my motivation and passion in my magic inventing. The one thing they didn't help my discover is my communication skills which I already knew I had at an early young age. I always had the desire to reach out to people, set a goal, get things done and than see the outcome.

Many times we tend to ignore the signs and go against the gravitational pull. If you feel you are being pulled in a certain direction. It just might be the universe talking to you and giving you a sign of what to do. When we ignore those signs we are only setting ourselves up for disappointment and the feeling of failure. You're better off just following your passion and doing it your way. Some people have fear of trying to go on their own. I scene numerous times where someone gets a job with a friend who owns a company.  They are very well off, but imagine how it must feel having to have to always act as if their your best friend just so you can have job security and get little trips here and there but in the meantime you're really not happy. Either that or you're blinded and you think you're happy.

So I guess for now I'll just keep inventing my magic products and do business with the ones who want to do business. Murphy's magic has been great with communication, emails and phone calls. Their may be some other challenges with them, but at least they do their best with supporting magicians products and giving them advice and feedback in the developmental stages of magic. All business have their strengths ans weaknesses.

The magic product industry can be very competitive and when you have to take a cut out of your product because it has to go through three different people. You can expect a mark-up on the product.
Sure you can do it on your own, but the benefit with a huge wholesaler is that they already have a network, contacts and email. Starting out can be tough. Your best bet is to do what I did and get your foot in the door. Some business are so busy and poor at communication that you can't even get a sliver of your toenail in the door.

As I said earlier. It's difficult for other businesses to feel your passion. If you really feel passionate about what you do then just go for it. At least you're doing something rather than waiting around for un-kept emails, phone calls and promises.
My goal may not happen tonight, or in a few months or years. I'm more or less taking baby steps, but one thing is for sure. I will be striving to one day start my own magic product company. And I'll pay attention to you and answer your phone calls and emails.

Monday, November 24, 2014

The CIRCLE of LIFE By Mark Presley

I have been practicing this effect for about two years now. I finally wrote a script for the piece and spent hours and hours filming this effect called "CIRCLE of LIFE" I think their were many things that have inspired me do write the script for the effect. Basically the story talks about how we all live in a world of deception truth, deception and illusion. How you decide to live your life is up to you.

We have choices in life and those choices identify what kind of person you are.
These days so many of us are so stressed out and short and quick to judge people. The world of deception tries to tear us apart from one another. Using our race, education, our job, trade, religion  even disabilities. We live in a social media world where we are so strong and quick to demand people to see our view in the social media with our posts on various topics that we hold true in our beliefs. But when someone comes along that goes against the grain of our beliefs or is expressing thoughts or beliefs that we disagree on. We are so quick to be angry, judge. even de-friend someone over a simple post that was simply supposed to be a post to generate intelligent discussion.

The video shows a kid being very disrespectful, disruptive and lack of manners.I posted the video on facebook with just a simple. "What's your thoughts?" little did I know that the post would cause a lot of controversy and also spun into religion and politics. Very sadly as a result I was contacted via facebook chat by the one feeling attacked and he told me he was going to  de-friended me becuase of a response someone else said.

WE were not really friends anyway, more like a acquaintance  A  real friend wouldn't do that. De-friending someone over someone elses "Comment Post" that you have no control or opinion over their actions is rather week in my opinion.  My guess is that the de-friend was on his agenda anyway and just wanted to make a way out without it looking like a abrupt de-friend. Anyway it's all good. I try my best not to take it too personal and move on. Some people struggle with other people's views, but they have no problem thrashing the theory of evolution on you.

It would be nice if we didn't have these challenges, turbulence's and trials in life and we could live life in piece and harmony. I was simply sharing my story. I'm sure it's happened to you. I know I have done it and afterwards felt quit ashamed to do that to someone in such quick judgment.

Life is full of deception and sometimes we have a hard time seeing who we truly are. When you stand in front of the mirror are you seeing the whole truth or just half the truth? After all the mirror only shows the front half of you. What is behind you? do you know?

We live our lives in a circle of life. The circle has no begging and no end. It goes on for infinity.
A string on the other hand has a beginning and it has an end. Much like our lives have a beginning and an end. The very fabric that makes the string strong is the very same fabric that makes the string weak and frail. Much like our lives. Strong, weak and frail.
And so we find ourselves trapped in the circle of life. Once in awhile we are able to escape and set ourselves free and we are able to experience success, triumph , happiness and love. 

So what does the mirror and the circle of life have to do with on another? Well that depends on if you took the blue pill or the red pill. If you take the blue pill you will remain blinded and trapped. If you take the red pill your eyes will open and you will set yourself free from the illusion and you will realize what's really important in life. Money? What's really important is how you live your life. Life your life the best you can. The most honestly. Be happy. Love one another. Because in the end nothing really matters. In the end we are all simply dust in the wind.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Backyard Voodoo Doll By: Mark Presley

The Lincoln Loft
3036 N Lincoln Ave
Floor 2

Find out why Mark Presley’s “Backyard Voodoo Doll is getting rave reactions from the audience and how he made an entire audience scream.
Watch Mark Presley’s “Backyard Voodoo Doll”

“I’ve always found the supernatural part  of magic very strong. I’ve worked very hard on this piece of magic. I wanted to bring not only a sense of supernatural to my magic, but also has some real scary shock value to it”  - Mark Presley -

Mark Presley’s “Backyard Voodoo Doll”
Available now for bookings.
Check out the video now!